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Reviews on Improv Chamber Music

Jeffrey Agrell has written some of the most lucid material there is to open up the realms of improvisation for classically trained musicians. Each of his games provides a nugget of form around which an improvisation can crystallize. He provides a wonderful balance between a feeling of security and the freedom for musicians to play as themselves.
– Stephen Nachmanovitch, author of Free Play

Improvisation is an essential component to the musical development of our students. In this latest offering from Jeffrey Agrell, teachers and students will discover the joys and benefits of improvising. Jeffrey removes the fear and mystique of the improvisational process and empowers all to explore their creative capacities. With his imaginative and accessible suggestions, suitable for any context, the door to limitless possibilities will be opened. This is a resource that needs to be in every band room. Students have astonishing abilities to create. Give them the opportunity. Start today – your program will be forever changed!
–Ardith Haley, Acadia University and Arts Education Consultant for the province of Nova Scotia

Improvised Chamber Music offers a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas, in sound structures and musical games, a reference to patterns, styles and forms, but moreover a playful invitation into the adventure of improvising in ensemble with others. The games work well and are fun for any group, regardless of skill level, instrumentation or experience, with a wealth of suggestions to guide participants through the exploration of collective improvisation. –LaDonna Smith, author, recording artist, and editor of The Improvisor
Jeffrey Agrell’s new book Improvised Chamber Music is an extremely useful and delightfully portable resource for classical musicians looking for ideas and structures for improvising in small groups. I’m excited to use it as a text for my improvised chamber music students, and as a resource for my own music making.
–Eric Edberg, classical improviser and Professor of Cello at DePauw University

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