Program notes for Western Triptych

The piece presents in music three scenes from the old American West. I. Iron Horse “Iron horse” was the name allegedly given by American Indians to the locomotive. The idea of a transcontinental railroad had been already proposed in the 1840s, but construction began first in the 1860s. On May 10, 1869, the rails of […]

Jive Concerto for 10 Brass

Jive Concerto is an unusual musical adventure for brass replete with toe-tapping rhythms, jazzy harmonies, vivid colors, and a panoply of surprises.  The slang term “jive” has several meanings: 1. (adjective) playfully or humorously deceptive or misleading 2. (noun) Swing music of the 1930s and ’40s 3. (verb): 1. to tease, banter, jest; 2. to dance […]

Ostinato Suite for Horn and Trombone

I have always marveled that there is so little written for horn and trombone duet, especially since we play together so much in brass quintet. This is an attempt to fill that gap a little, and to give me a chance to play duets with one of the University of Iowa’s best musicians and teachers, […]

Oh, No! for Brass Quintet

The opening theme came to me one day as I was walking around town, just whistling little made up melodies. Suddenly this bluesy tune came out of nowhere and I instantly realized I had something interesting here. I notated it in my head and then hurried home to write it down so that I didn’t […]