Fantasía for Horn Trio

Fantasía (pronounced fahn tah SEE ah) is dedicated to Minneapolis hornist Rebecca Monson and the Brava Horn Trio. As a composer, I am always interested in using whatever resources are at hand, and in this case, it includes not only hands, but feet and tongue as well in the opening percussive section. Feel free to […]

Out of This World for Horn and Mixed Media

Traditional classical horn repertoire centers around horn and piano, so that if you want to give a recital, your choices are either 1) find a pianist who is willing and able to put in the rehearsal time and then time on the road and 2) find funding to pay for this pianist. This audio accompaniment […]

Ostinato Suite for 2 Horns

Ostinato Suite was originally written for horn and trombone, but at the recent behest of Randall Faust, horn professor at Western Illinois University, I made a version for two horns so that he and I could perform it at his annual horn festival. As we worked on the piece (which is strongly rhythmic), it occurred […]

Mother Goose Tales for Horn, Narrator, and Piano

This composition owes its existence to a student of mine, Michelle Hascall, who was in need of one more piece for her recital, with the restriction that it be something for children with an instrumentation of horn, piano, and narrator. Since I had just finished a one year stint as a Saturday morning storyteller in […]

Attitudes for Solo Horn

“Attitudes” for solo horn is a bit different from other pieces for solo horn, primarily because the composer believes that performers are intelligent and creative enough to be asked to contribute to the piece in performance. This piece gives contemporary performers a rare chance to create a unique performance. There is much pressure in the […]