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Bibliography of Reference Materials on Auditioning
& Orchestral Excerpts

by Jeffrey Agrell

In the wake of the recent Horn Call issue that focused on auditions, I would like to offer a list of articles on the subject. Also useful may be the listing here of the Horn Call articles on specific orchestral excerpts, though this list includes all orchestral horn excerpt articles, not just those excerpts from the standard audition repertoire.

Articles on Auditioning and Audition Repertoire

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Audition Books and Videos

Decker, James, Master Series for Horn, IVASI [International Video Audition Service Institute], University of Southern California. A video of conductors conducting 62 [prerecorded] standard audition excerpts with orchestra. NB: this is the second half of the video; the first half consists of various basic drills and exercises.

Dunkel, Stuart, The Audition Process: Anxiety Management and Coping Strategies, Julliard Performance Guides No. 3, Pendragon Press, 1990.

LaBar, Arthur, Horn Player’s Audition Handbook, Belwin Mills, 1986.

LaBar, Arthur, Hornist’s Opera and Ballet Handbook, Phoenix Music Publications.

Ritzkowsky, Johannes, and Sprach, Alois, Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions: French Horn, C.F. Peters. Includes 3-CD set of examples.

Thompson, David, ed., The Orchestral Audition Repertoire for Horn, Thompson Edition, Inc. 1044 pages of original horn parts of standard audition repertoire.

Articles on Orchestral Excerpts

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