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Gramophone ranks the World’s Top 20 Orchestras

Easy Ear Training – a UK based music software and iPhone music training app development company. The iPhone/iTouch app is called “Relative Pitch”. The site features articles on ear training, rhythm, warm-ups, plus forums, and a great set of links.

Music Crossword Puzzles – a feature of Practicespot

Seven Deadly Sins of Horn Playing – Article (posted in Horn Notes Blog – John Ericson) by Larry Lowe about bad habits/deportment.

Top Ten Rookie Mistakes – similar article by Bruce Hembd

Top Ten Tips for Survival in College – ditto

Requesting a Recommendation – article by Cynthia Carr

So You Want to be a Professional Player – positive spin on similar topic – blog entry by Jonathan West

Schools of Playing – Panel discussion from the 1969 IHS Symposium with Philip Farkas, James Chambers, Anton Horner, Wendell Hoss and Max Pottag.

Packing a Horn for Shipping – Tips – courtesy of Patterson Hornworks

Tax Issues for Musicians

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

The Role and Importance of the Assistant Horn – article by Eldon Matlick (see under Editorial menu)

YouSendit – a great way (free up to 2GB) to send large files, such as audio files.

Classical Composers Poster – features over 950 composers from Hildegard von Bingen to Philip Glass. 40″ X 27″

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