Fantasía for Horn Trio

Fantasía (pronounced fahn tah SEE ah) is dedicated to Minneapolis hornist Rebecca Monson and the Brava Horn Trio. As a composer, I am always interested in using whatever resources are at hand, and in this case, it includes not only hands, but feet and tongue as well in the opening percussive section.

Feel free to ask your percussionist friends to join in – they will have no trouble improvising parts with such instruments as the (egg) shaker (or minimaracas), castanets, or any other Latin percussion. In the absence of such help, the 3rd horn also has the option of switching to egg shaker about four bars before letter A. The piece uses some typical Spanish idioms and was inspired by the piece of the same name for the guitar (vihuela, actually) by the Spanish Renaissance composer Alonso Mudarra. There is a quote from Mudarra’s piece hidden in this one – can you find it?